mint glaze on spotted clay developed by Antonia Hinterleitner

creative work


It is the process and play of creation itself that fascinates me. 

It is curiosity of the material of clay and process that keeps me going. I am excited and honored if one of my projects can be shared and appreciated by my surroundings. It means that a tiny part of me found the way to your heart and your home. Together we connect lovely people throughout the world. Creating our own paths. Building our own map.

In my work with clay I love to play with glazes, textures and colors. It is the grab of pieces that draw my attention and let me enjoy the craft of pottery all over again. Throwing on the wheel can be a meditation and a nightmare, it is all about getting back to it. Practice, as we do in yoga. Handbuilding satisfies my urge to design, connect to my sense of touch and focus on the very different texture compared to the work on the wheel.

All my pieces are unique and handcrafted. I fire them in my shared Studio in Vienna. Picking glazes is very particular process for me, that’s why I got into glaze development. Thanks to a lovely and inspiring teacher and colleagues my experiments quickly led to first results. It is my vision to keep developing glazes from scratch and keep exploring this endless set of combinations, surprises, setbacks and breakthroughs in my work with ceramics.

mat pink glaze on spotted clay developed by Antonia Hinterleitner Credits: Pot.tonic
rainbow glaze on black clay body developed by Antonia Hinterleitner, Credit: Pot.tonic
Creme and gold sprinkled bowl by Antonia Hinterleitner, Credit: Pot.tonic
unfired handbuilt vase from grey clay body by Antonia Hinterleitner
Wheel thrown mini vase from white clay with unterglaze, at Mond, Sri Lanka by Antonia Hinterleitner - pot.tonic
wheel thrown mini vase with spotted clay body, dipped in black glaze by Antonia Hinterleitner - pot.tonic
work together

I am open collaborations and individual workshop requests