Antonia Hinterleitner at a pot.tonic clay workshop, explaining how clay is processes; Credit: Bernhard Schindler for Kunsthauscafe Graz

pot.tonic, a space to encourage creativity, curiosity and evolvement


a dedicated time and safe space encourages to unfold one’s creative self. the creative process becomes a focused flow that allows to detach from routines and thought patterns.


individual creative workshops using clay as a medium to connect body and mind in a stimulating spacious setting. clay workshops are combined with elements from yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Mindful | Creative | Yoga Retreat

28.10. – 02.11.2024

Andros, Greece

ο Yoga
ο Clay Workshops
ο Meditation
ο Yoga Nidra

Andros Retreat and TT-87
Antonia Hinterleitner explaining the material of clay at Universalmuseum Joanneum; Credit: Theresa Koppler for INSYNC-Club

host a team
building workshop

to provide your team with the time and space to find connect, share and develop new ideas using the medium of clay. Explore details for clay teambuilding workshops for companies.

clay workshop by pot.tonic using the pinching technique; Credit: Bernhard Schindler for Kunstahauscafe Graz

join a creative

to spoil yourself with a creative date. A day retreat to move your body and ground your thoughts through the creative flow of your hands. Clay workshop in lovely community and a cozy space.

Home Cooked Dinner in Community, Yoga & Clay Retreat Andros Greece, October - November 2024

join a yoga
& clay retreat

to get away from the everyday, find me time and discover the synergy of clay, meditation and movement through yoga. Find me time or connect with people around the world.

start now

it is time to tune into your creative self, listen to your senses and find expression

Antonia Hinterleitner (pot.tonic) explaining the Material of clay at a workshop at Universalmuseum Joanneum; Credit: Theresa Koppler
It's time to

Uncover creativity, trust
and focus

It is pure joy to experiment together in a group setting and be present when people's creativity sparks. It is the light in their eyes. The ease with which someone begins to handle the material and how they seem to become one as time passes. This is what I call a flow.

Pottery team building workshops with Antonia offer more than just playing with clay. We did not only connect with our creativity but also with each other. It was a great evening that highlighted the beauty of creation and the strength of our connection.
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Melanie Ljuboja
Finance & Controlling Manager
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in a creative
team building workshop

Is your team is working in front of a screen most of the day, typing emails next to back to back meetings? Clay workshops for teams and companies provide a shift in perspective. Invite curiosity and explore the organic material of clay to connect to your senses. This creative setting can bring a spark to break out of routines and provides room to grow something new. Learn how working with ceramics is teaching us patience and trust.

Clay workshop by pot.tonic at Universalmuseum Joanneum; Credit: Theresa Koppler

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