clay workshops

Giving ourselves time to calm our fluctuating mind by finding focus through creation.

In our everyday lives it can be challenging to dedicate the time and space to creativity. The medium of clay offers us the chance to slow down and find trust within the tool that we were given: our senses. Invite your curiosity to a clay workshop in community.

clay workshop by pot.tonic; Credit: Bernhard Schindler for Kunstahauscafe Graz
Vienna, Im Hinterhof 1070

Fill Your Cup | 25.02.24

NOURISH, RECHARGE & BALANCE YOURSELF Doing everything, wanting to do more or actually less? We tend to ask ourselves what to chose and if it was the right decision or not. It can be a daily game of balance between the active external voice and the introvert voice asking for rest and selfcare. 

Handbuild cup in speckled clay created in clay workshop by pot.tonic
Vienna, Im Hinterhof 1070

Fill Your Cup | 21.01.24

NOURISH, RECHARGE & RELEASE YOURSELF – A new year, new opportunities and dreams. We invite you to an afternoon of warmth and coziness to open your senses. The focus is on letting go of anything that doesn’t suit you any longer. You will be guided through a cacao ritual, a clay workshop and a facia release Yin Yoga class.

Kids Yoga by bruno-nascimento-huswdBT2DtY-unsplash
Vienna, July 2024

Kids Creativity Yoga

Creative Summer Kids Workshop in Wien von 15. – 19. Juli 2024. Eine Woche Inspiration und Ausdruck über Yoga, Bewegung, Atmung und Experimente in Malerei und Tonarbeit in deinen Sommerferien 2024.Es erwartet dich eine Ferienwoche gefüllt mit Kreativität, Bewegung und Ausprobieren 

Vienna, Graz you name it

Your Private Event

Once per month we invite you to a creative experience under like minded people. A grounding yoga class unites us a group, within your individual space. 75minutes of movement are followed by a delicious vegan and vegetarian brunch in community to connect and share thoughts before we dive into 2 hours of creative clay play.


An expression of
your creativity

In a workshop setting you will find a safe space to create, build, fail and start from scratch. There is time and support dedicated to you. It is a listening, repeating and questioning. We are all learning together, every step of the way.

Clay workshop by pot.tonic at Universalmuseum Joanneum; Credit: Theresa Koppler

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