About me

I am a potterer, yoga teacher and project manager who enjoys working with curious people who look for a change and a spark

As a loving, caring, empathic person, I fell in love with the material of clay. It’s texture is soothing and calms an ever present and fluctuating mind. The creation of ceramics is a very slow process and so is my inner self. I carried around the belief of always being too slow. This belief is connected to early childhood memories of being too slow, tying her shoes in the morning or selecting the right pen color for a text in school. 25 years later, this characteristic is still part of me. It is my decision to shift perspective and let it be my strength. Rather than hustling behind the beaten path, creating a path that meets my natural way of being. slow. gentle. easy. strong. rough. smooth. stable. caring. calming.

Granting myself the time, space and resources to keep exploring is challenging next to a world that keeps us busy. It is the people who I started to meet from that “day one”, who inspire me as I keep moving.

I provide this safe space to unfold your creative potential to you. It is your’s to take.

My experience and knowledge as team lead in the fast paced software sector showed me that there are certain variables within a team that can support or hinder collaboration and cooperation. Putting these situations in a stable and safe setting and using creative tools, mindfulness and the medium of clay unfolds new ways of working together. 

Pot.tonic was born with the idea to create a safe space where you can explore your creativity in community. 

Antonia Hinterleitner explaining at a pot.tonic workshop; Credit: Bernhard Schindler for Kunstahauscafe Graz
Clay Workshop Experience with Pot.tonic, Credits: Bernhard Schindler for Kunsthauscafe Graz
work together

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